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English Instruction (EI) (Online ISSN 2621-0177) is one of the e-journals published by Nalar Global Foundation, Indonesia. It aims to promote research and scholarship on integrated English Language Teaching (ELT), i.e., English and content, English and technology, etc. at various educational levels. It is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal focusing on policies, theories, implementation, and evaluation. The journal employs a double-blind review process. EI welcomes previously unpublished manuscripts for such topics that present qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods, reviews or analyses, and theoretical positions.


Special Issue Editors:


M. Fauzan Ansyari

UIN Suska Riau, Indonesia

Maastricht University, NL

Elisha Omoso

Ronggo University, Kenya

Edge Hill University, UK

Kalayo Hasibuan

UIN Suska Riau, Indonesia


We kindly invite researchers or lecturers to contribute to this special issue by submitting research or theoretical articles. All articles will be double-blind reviewed.

    1. Manuscripts should be between 3000 and 6000 words in length (word format);
    2. Titles should be no more than twelve words;
    3. No specific article format is assigned (normally IMRAD);
    4. Citation style is APA 6th edition; and
    5. Submissions should be made via our OJS.

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